APTN.com closure
The APTN website will permanently close at 13:00 GMT on 28 June 2018. All your planning information is now available from Coverage Plan on AP Newsroom and AP Video Hub.
APTN.com closure
Please note, the APTN.com website will permanently close at 13.00 GMT on 28 June 2018.

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AP is your definitive source for live video content.

AP was the first news agency to launch a live news service in 2003, and today more than 300 broadcasters and digital publishers rely on AP as their primary source of live video coverage.

Today's audiences expect live video coverage of not only breaking news and key news events but also of red-carpet events, sporting press conferences, technology launches, and more.

Live video is the most engaging content and offers a proven increase in viewing times compared to on-demand video.

AP offers the following live video solutions for both broadcast and digital use -

    AP Direct
    Your source for live breaking news. AP Direct is a 24/7 live video service, focusing on news as it breaks and develops.

    AP Live Choice
    Your source for live event content. AP Live Choice provides a further three channels of guaranteed and uninterrupted live events.

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What coverage do AP Direct and AP Live Choice offer?

How will I know what AP Direct and AP Live Choice is covering?

How do I receive AP Direct and AP Live Choice?

I want to subscribe to AP Live - who do I need to speak to?

AP Direct
AP Direct is the award-winning premium live video news service, which offers incoming live video news from AP's fixed and mobile links from around the world.

AP Direct follows the news - it offers immediate reaction to story developments.

Coverage includes:

- Breaking and scheduled news events.
- Natural and man-made disasters.
- Riots and protests.
- Politics and elections.
- Summits and conferences.

AP Live Choice
AP Live Choice's three channels offer up to 400 global and regional live events each month.

Event coverage is guaranteed and uninterrupted.

Coverage includes -

- Red carpet, awards shows, premieres, parties and more.
- World cultural and religious events and festivals.
- Product launches, motor show previews, and key technology events.
- Sports news and press conferences.
- Slow news - for example: Japan cherry blossom, sea turtles hatching, and more.
- Summits, conferences, and other political events.
AP Direct
Direct Online gives you access to content information, planned coverage, and a message board that provides interactive communication with AP Live's dedicated content managers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A live stream of AP Direct's coverage is also available to view online.

You can also download a Desktop Ticker that automatically highlights and updates information on content coming through on Direct. Any late changes, or notifications of breaking news are communicated via an 'Alerts' function – which also displays on the Desktop Ticker.

AP Live Choice
You can view upcoming AP Live Choice events via AP Video Hub. You can select and book your preferred events in advance or join live events as they are happening.

Streams of AP Live Choice's coverage are also available to view online.

Each event offers a message board that provides interactive communication with AP Live's dedicated content managers.
AP’s live video content is delivered via satellite and Internet.

For broadcast use -

AP Direct
Content is delivered via satellite. You will need an HD-compatible IRD (Integrated Receiver Decoder).

Playout: HD-compatible Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD).

AP Live Choice
Data is delivered via Internet to IP decoder(s) (15 MB/s).

Playout: IP decoder outputting HD SDI into MCR.

For digital use -

AP Direct
Delivery is via raw RTMP feed to CDN ingest point.

Playout: Video player via customer Content Delivery Network (CDN).

AP Live Choice
Delivery is via raw RTMP feed to CDN ingest point(s).

Playout: Video player via customer Content Delivery Network (CDN).
If you have any further questions or want to subscribe, Contact Us and select your country (via the drop-down) to locate your local sales contact.

Alternatively, complete the Trial Enquiry Form and we will respond to you directly.
Direct Online
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