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AP Content Services work with global brands and organisations to create, promote and distribute media content for publicity or internal engagement purposes.

We have the editorial expertise to create newsworthy content, the creative talent and technical resources to deliver broadcast-quality video and award-winning images, and our global network enables us to get your content directly into TV, newspaper and online newsrooms globally.

Whether you need compelling video and image content to reposition your brand, cover an event or launch a new product, service or internal communications initiative, we can help.

Expert Producers
Whether producing a photoshoot in Rio de Janeiro, a package in rural Congo, a live interview in Jakarta, a press conference in Paris or a multi-location documentary, we have the skills and commitment to make your project a success.

Our dedicated team work as consultants, using their knowledge and experience to uncover the most newsworthy hooks necessary for content to be picked up by newsrooms.

We then tailor messages and formats for broadcast, newspaper and online distribution to ensure relevance to a range of audiences.

Amplify your message
Advertise across our digital products and network of media outlets.

Native advertising
Surface your content seamlessly across our news platforms, as well as our native ad network of more than 180 local news sites and mobile apps.

Display advertising
Secure display ad placement on our news properties, including The Big Story, AP Mobile and the AP News site and app.

Social promotion
Share your brand content and updates on our @AP Twitter handle.

Global Distribution
With direct access to over 800 newsrooms globally, AP delivers news in all formats to the biggest broadcasters, newspapers and websites worldwide.

As an AP customer, your media content is distributed through the same network and flagged to broadcasters and publishers as free to use.

We work with clients throughout the process, creating distribution plans that meet their specific needs while maximizing exposure through our database of news professionals.

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Planned Coverage
Our Satellite Network